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Presidents’ Innovative Startup Awards $100,000 to Early-Stage Businesses

Presidents’ Innovative Startup Awards $100,000 to Early-Stage Businesses

The presidents of Texas Tech and TTUHSC recognized seven startup companies exemplifying innovation and commercialization.

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Texas Tech University’s Innovation Hub at Research Park has announced the winners of the 2023 Presidents’ Innovative Startup awards, with seven early-stage companies earning $100,000 in total awards. 

The presidents of Texas Tech and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) foster innovative companies through these yearly awards, giving startups the ability to purchase or rent operating space or equipment. 

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec and TTUHSC President Lori Rice-Spearman each awarded $50,000 to early-stage companies, with seven startups chosen. 

Texas Tech award winners are:

Pontos | $20,000 award
Pontos makes a lightweight, collapsible kayak that packs down to the size of a small tent, weighs just seven pounds and performs better on the water than existing, bulkier portable kayaks.
Founders: Texas Tech alumnus and CEO, Adam Mulsow and CFO, Amanda Mulsow

Athletiq | $10,000 award
At AthletIQ, the goal is revolutionizing basketball training through cutting-edge technology and innovation. The company’s mission is to empower athletes and coaches with an intelligent robotic defender that not only challenges shots but also offers tailored guidance and analytics.
Founders: Former Texas Tech basketball player Matt Mooney and CTO Aaron Phillips

Moneta | $10,000 award
Moneta LLC is a tech company focused on developing software for the management of safety in industrial and healthcare institutions. 
Founders: Texas Tech faculty member Timothy Matis and co-founder Mark Matis

G&G Ranch | $10,000 award
G&G Ranch was founded with a commitment to reducing labor requirements and financial inputs of growing fresh, nutritious food for urban residents. 
Founders: Texas Tech alumnus and CEO Gabriella Hale and CTO Gary Hale

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Award Winners:

New American Fabric (NAF) | $25,000 award:
The NAF technology is based on a new selenium technology, which can be covalently attached to cotton making the material antimicrobial yet safe for human use.
Founders: TTUHSC faculty members Phat Tran and Ted Reid and Texas Tech faculty members Noureddine Abidi and Nick Bergfeld.

MTDS Solutions | $15,000 award:
MTDS is a pioneering company that revolutionized accessible testing by developing fully automated kiosks offering rapid send-out and PCR testing for the masses. 
Founders: TTUHSC alumnus Michelle Coffey, Trey Keesee and TTUHSC faculty member Dr. Shannon Turnbow

SciencePower Publishing House, LLC | $10,000 award
SciencePower Publishing House has developed GeneHub, a powerful website database that empowers physicians, researchers, students and patients to gain a better understanding of clinical genetics.
Founder: TTUHSC faculty Dr. Tetyana L. Vasylyeva