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Alpha Omega Alpha Banquet Celebrates Induction of TTUHSC School of Medicine Students and Faculty

Alpha Omega Alpha Banquet Celebrates Induction of TTUHSC School of Medicine Students and Faculty

Dean Berk with AOA inductees

The 2023 Alpha Omega Alpha Banquet was held March 24, with inductees that included faculty, residents, fellows, TTUHSC School of Medicine alumni and students from the class of 2023. 

Founded in 1902, Alpha Omega Alpha (ΑΩΑ) is a prestigious medical honor society created to recognize and promote excellence in medical education, scholarship and professionalism. 

Membership in Alpha Omega Alpha is based on high academic achievement, leadership, character, community service and potential for future contributions to the medical field.

Dean Berk and Faculty members at the 2023 AOA Banquet

Dedicated to fostering a sense of professionalism and humanism among medical students, residents, physicians and faculty members, Alpha Omega Alpha encourages and supports research, scholarship and intellectual curiosity within the medical community. It also promotes the development of leadership skills and ethical conduct in medical practice.

Induction into ΑΩΑ is considered a significant honor and is often recognized as a mark of distinction within the medical profession. Alpha Omega Alpha chapters exist in medical schools and academic institutions throughout the United States. Texas Zeta Chapter Alpha Omega Alpha aims to advance medical education and contribute to the overall well-being of the medical community.

Texas Zeta Chapter Alpha Omega Alpha 2023 Inductees

Class of 2023 AΩA:

AOA Inductees at TTUHSC School of Medicine 2023

Jonathan Abraham
Jon Bruce
Stephanie Bui
Hailey Burden 
Luis Castro
Erin Choi
Benjamin Daines
Travis Dowdle
Tochi Eboh
Asher George
Ethan Grant 
Holly Grossman
Freedom Ha
Katherine Holder
Omid Hosseini
John Albin 
Abdurrahman Kharbat
Andrew Knight
Rachel Kortman
Riya Koshy
Vanessa Ku
Elleana Majdinasab
Harrison Marsh
Cristina Natha 
Cody Perry 
Abigail Raef
John-Alexander Rafael
Stefan Raicevic
Malvika Ramesh
Anish Reddy 
Stephen Rossettie 
Kaylee Schrader
Mariana Trevino 
Adam Wynn
Madeline Young

2023 Resident and Faculty Inductees


group photo of faculty from the Alpha Omega Alpha Banquet

Ramachandra Chemitiganti, M.D.
John DeTodedo, M.D.
Cassie Kruczek, Ph.D.
Naha Mittal, M.D.
Tarek Naguib, M.D.
Muhammed Nazim, M.D.
Ken Nugent, M.D.
Gary Ventolini, M.D.

Residents- Fellow

Allie Baldwin, M.D.
Suna Burghul, M.D.
Daniel Davis, M.D.
Amro El Sharoud, M.D.
Danilo Gallardo, M.D.
Hunter Graham, M.D.
Michelle Gundstrom, M.D.
John Mistrot, M.D.
Christopher Neel, M.D.
Lucio Ortega-Martinez, M.D.
Walker Payton, M.D.
Grant Sorensen, M.D.
Joshua Sorenson, M.D.
Chintan Trivedi, M.D.
Atli Valgardsson, M.D.


John Kidwell, M.D.
Mohammad Othbachi, M.D.
Keely Hobart, M.D.

Posthumous Inductees

Thomas McGovern, M.D.