Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Such Things to Be

A Farewell Column

So many worlds

So much to do

So little done

Such things to be.

        …Alfred Lord Tennyson


This quotation, perhaps a little out of context of how Tennyson intended it, is how I choose to begin my farewell column on the occasion of my retirement. (I will still be a part-time teacher). But, this final column is not about me – it’s about you.

As you, or we, gaze into 2023, and use Tennyson’s words as our guide, let’s consider what might be.

So many worlds. Life is exciting and 2023 might be a great time to start the degree program that has long intrigued you (Tech offers tuition reimbursement), or start a new hobby, or decide to read a different book each month of the year, or volunteer at a favorite charity, or even go to visit residents of a nursing home (trust me, they would love that).

So much to do. Yes, there is much to do – but, don’t panic! Take your time and plan ahead. Organize the things you want to do. Pace yourself. And, above all, don’t stress out! Set boundaries – you don’t have to say yes to every request from someone who wants a piece of your time.

So little done. Ok, this is just a reminder to be humble. We have to keep our ego in check, eh? All of us are important and all are worthy of respect – but none of us are indispensable. Something to remember.

Such things to be. What do you want to be in 2023? Be yourself, of course. But that should never mean settling for our “less than best” self. Set some high goals and grow until you reach them!

Blessings to all and see you in the HSC hallways in 2023!