Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
A New School Year, A New SGA Team

A New School Year, A New SGA Team

TTUHSC SGA Officers Guiding Students Through Uncertain Times

The start of this school year is going to look different in many ways. Student Government Association (SGA) executive officers have been working hard all summer to represent Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) through these uncertain times.

President – Marcus Gonzalez, second-year M.D./MBA student from Little Elm, Texas.
Vice President of Operations – Daniel Payberah, second-year medical student from
Plano, Texas.
Vice President of Communications – Rachel Kortman, second-year M.D./MBA student
from Phoenix.
Vice President of Finance – Tim Brown, third-year medical student with completed Ph.D.
from Asheville, North Carolina.


Without the ability to meet in person, this year’s SGA team has created a smooth transition into the new school year. In previous years, SGA advocated for students with few obstacles and limitations. Unique to this year, almost everything is online. It is a new challenge the team is working through to create an equal educational experience for all students.

“We are focused on the students wants and needs and work to represent the students as much as possible. We are working to make sure students aren’t missing out due to distance learning. We are working our hardest to make it as easy as possible for the students,” Gonzalez said.

SGA officers have several goals for the upcoming year, with student wellness being the focal point. This carries on from years prior making the students health and well being the top priority for SGA. Beyond COVID-19, SGA is focusing on addressing racial equality and social justice.

“We represent the entirety of the student body. Anytime we can make an effort to make sure everyone feels equal is important,” Gonzalez said.  

SGA leaders are faced with new challenges due to COVID-19. While the budget and fundraising aspects are not known, the SGA team has created alternative plans in anticipation of changes ahead. They have created a more constant communication flow between officers and students who are unable to be on campus.

“We are hoping to implement an online form for students to fill out that goes directly to the senators as well as advertising for students to reach out to their senators for a better communication flow between SGA and the students. And provide easier access to the student government,” Gonzalez said.

For this year, the SGA team has created a new environment to advocate for TTUHSC students during this uncertain time.

“Despite the unique challenges this year, we are excited for the opportunity to serve the TTUHSC student body. I think we have a great team and once our senate gets to work, I am confident that people will be proud of the work the SGA gets done,” Gonzalez said.