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2021 Patient Experience and PX Vendor Change

2021 Patient Experience, Vendor Change Announcement

The graph below is a representation of the ‘Likelihood to Recommend’ score for all departments so far this year until November.

patient satisfaction 2021

PX Vendor Change Announcement:

Texas Tech Physicians has partnered with a new vendor to process patient visit surveys and subsequent feedback. We are excited as this will provide us an opportunity to re-focus our efforts and commitment to the overall patient experience.  

Feedtrail, Inc. is a company based out of Raleigh, NC, and provides a platform and process that will facilitate real-time responses to patient feedback. A dashboard function will notify appropriate clinic leadership immediately upon receiving survey feedback. The immediate notification will prompt clinic personnel to respond in real time to acknowledge the patient. Our hope is a timely response will clearly signify to the patient that we care and we are listening. Some additional features allow for survey design flexibility and creation of a “true” net promoter score.  

At Texas Tech Physicians, the patient experience matters. As we all know, achieving an excellent patient experience for our patients is one of our 5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is a critical part of our overall vision. This new survey and feedback process will help communicate that to our patients.