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The Six Types of Working Genius

The Six Types of Working Genius

Last summer I gave a copy of Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Motive, which I had just read, to a couple of my colleagues here in the School of Medicine as a gift.  Lencioni is the founder and president of The Table Group and a best-selling author.  He uses unexpected plot twists, stories, and crisp dialogue to talk about business and leadership.
I was excited to learn that in December he would be speaking at our TTUHSC’s Along The Journey series. During his virtual lecture, Lencioni spoke about the ideal team player, the qualities they possess, and how to spot these people. He also has recently developed an analysis tool called The Six Types of Working Genius. You can check it out with a simple Google search.
The premise of this assessment tool is that we all have natural “gifts” or talents: things in which we naturally excel.  Things that give us joy—because we do them well. Lencioni’s thoughts about collaboration in the workplace are that each of the six geniuses he has identified should be present in the members of a team. Those geniuses are Wonder, Inventor, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity. He says that to truly enjoy and progress in our work, we should spend most of our time focused on the two areas in which we excel.
This makes sense. We cannot have a team solely comprised of one type of thinking. We do best when we all work together—One Team! Even folk wisdom tells us, “It takes all kinds.”
Albert Einstein famously said, “Everybody is a genius.” But, he added, and I am paraphrasing, you have to do what you are cut out to do. As we are now into almost the third month of 2021, it might be a good time to ask yourself, “What are my strengths?” (I know everyone reading this has multiple strengths.) Maybe you are even a genius at something (I am serious—I’m not going to second-guess Einstein). Additionally, ponder, “How can this strength be used to make Texas Tech Physicians an even better place for our patients, leaders, and employees?”  I’d love to hear what you come up with—drop me an email or call me.

Have a great week!