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May Patient Experience Ratings

May Patient Experience Champions

Kelsey Staggs – PSS – Neurology


Kelsey Staggs

“Kelsey stays positive in every situation and always has a smile on her face. She is genuine in her kindness towards her co-workers, patients and visitors. She is always willing to help train new PSS and help co-workers with their work when she is caught up with her own. I see her walk around her work station to help patients in wheelchairs or patients who have trouble walking on their own. I have seen her walk out to the waiting area to ask patients if they need water or coffee while they wait. We had a patient in a wheelchair state she felt sick to her stomach so Kelsey quickly went out into the waiting room to assist the patient. She gave her a blue vomit bag, a wet paper towel and offered the patient a cup of water then she went to let the nurses know so they could put the patient right back. She is often mentioned in the patient experience surveys and several times has been awarded a departmental incentive/recognition for the most positive mentions in the patient satisfaction surveys. She is conscious about her interaction with patients and is always empathetic to the stories patients tell her while they are checking in. She always has a kind word or words of encouragement for the patients. We are truly grateful to have Kelsey on our Neurology Team.”

Paula Strong – LVN – Student Health

Beyond Service

Paula Strong

“Paula goes the extra mile for all of her patients. She is our go-to person for a number of things because she has worked at Student Health for close to 20 years and has a vast knowledge of why we do what we do. One of her many strong suits is immunizations for students. She will sit down with the student and help them go through their paperwork to determine what immunizations they need to enter programs within HSC, TTU, and other universities; this may take a lot of her time but she never lets that stop her. I have heard her on the phone with departments for various programs clarifying what the student needs because she genuinely wants them to be successful. When others ask why she does this she always says it is the right thing to do.

Paula understand the students we serve many of them are navigating healthcare, as a young adult, for the first time so she is very good to sit down and explain to the student in layman’s term so they can make an informed decision. She is a great patient educator and advocate.

Paula researches the CDC website frequently to stay up to date on immunization requirements and for students who are traveling over the summer or spring break. She really care about the health and welfare of the patients/students we serve. You can tell she really loves what she is doing and cares deeply for the students/patient and the people she works with at Student Health & Family Medicine.”

Patient Experience Champions are members of the TTP team who consistently work to ensure a great experience for their patients. Congratulations to our Champions – You make Texas Tech Physicians an excellent place for our patients! If you want to nominate your coworker to be  a Patient Experience Champion, please email your submission to PatientServices@ttuhsc.edu.


The graph below is a representation of the ‘Likelihood to Recommend’ score for all departments in the month of April.

Likelihood to Recommend Chart