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Where Values Matter

Where Values Matter

I came across an article recently about the online retailer Zappos and the values that the CEO has outlined for his business. Zappos is known for very good customer service and efficiency in the online shopping world. The emphasis on workplace values has enabled Zappos to become a successful business with a positive organizational culture. Texas Tech Physicians places a large emphasis on our values as well. I hope that you are benefitting from the quarterly review process that monitors our alignment with each value. Zappos operates by 10 values, all unique to the company, but still applicable to any other industries. I would like to go over five of these and how they relate to our world and values. 

Deliver WOW through service (Beyond Service)

According to a 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers study, patients are twice as likely to make a decision on a provider based on the actions of the other staff they interact with during a visit. We want to deliver WOW in every aspect of a patient’s visit to one of our clinics. We use the term AWESOME. This starts at the check-in desk where we should make patients feel welcome and comfortable during their time with us. Patients are here to see the doctor, but every interaction they have with a TTUHSC employee contributes to their outlook of our practice.

Pursue growth and learning (Visionary) 

To retain quality employees, an emphasis on developing professional skills has become more prevalent in the structure of organizations, and we are following that movement by offering employee training courses through the Office of Employee Education and Human Resources. We strive to enable our employees to succeed in their current roles, and have a vision of where they want to be in the future.

Build open and honest relationships with communication (Integrity)

One way we can build more honest relationships with our patients is by understanding our patients more completely. We are partnering with the Academy of Communication in Healthcare to train our providers in more effective methods of communication. We need authentic communication between ourselves as well.  Keep it real and keep it honest.

Build a positive team and family spirit (One Team)

Our “One Team” value is similar to this concept, with emphasis on constructive growth, teamwork, and an enjoyable work environment. We host the SPIRIT Awards annually (coming up June 24th!) that encourage employees to exemplify our values at work. We love to recognize those that clearly believe in our organizational mission and are working to make a difference for our patients and fellow employees. 

Be passionate and determined (Kindhearted)

“Do it with passion, or not at all” –Rosa Nouchette Carey

I think this quote rings true for any job in any organization. It is very easy to see when passion and determination are missing. Helping patients in their journeys to health is definitely work to be passionate about. 

Organizational values differ between companies, but the end goals are generally very similar – promote a positive work environment for employees and provide outstanding service to customers! I hope you have a great week.