Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Train People Well Enough So They Can Leave, Treat Them Well Enough So They Don't Want To

Train People Well Enough So They Can Leave, Treat Them Well Enough So They Don't Want To

Train People Well

Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin Group, manages his company based on the motto “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.” This statement fosters the thought that if your staff are treated well, they will return that positive treatment to customers. In turn, if they happen to leave your company, you will have supplied them with priceless workplace knowledge and experience that they can apply to their next professional venture. This concept used by Branson is a strategy practiced here at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Bart Sanders, director of Employee Education, said, “When employees are equipped with the skills they need for their position, we are taking a part in investing in the professional growth of those individuals. When this happens, we are able to achieve the values our organization operates by.”

The leadership within our organization strives to make a work environment that employees desire to be in daily. Sanders also spoke on the growth of employee training programs at the Health Sciences Center and the steps being taken to ensure that those who advance in their positions are trained correctly and given the resources they need to succeed. Not only are we thoroughly training new employees, but we are now putting a greater emphasis on the instruction of those who are being promoted.

While every employee is appreciated for their role in achieving our mission, it is expected that some will not stay here for the entire duration of their professional lives. This is a fact all companies face as the average person is said to have at least 12 job changes throughout their lives. Because this is the reality we face, it is our hope that if you depart for other opportunities, you will be equipped with the skills needed to continue advancing in your career. In doing this, we hope to exude each of the five values of our organization.

This notion is also vital to the type of industry we are in as we must ensure that we treat all patients with kindness and professionalism. Doctors’ offices can be daunting for many so it is imperative that a patient receives only the best care and compassion from the moment they walk into a clinic until the time they leave. At Texas Tech Physicians, we expect this of our staff and providers, but we also have a duty to return that same conduct to you. In doing so, we hope you will either prosper within HSC or make a positive difference in another company, taking along the values you lived and worked by during your time here.