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Vision for 2020

Vision for 2020

“Create a compelling vision, one that takes people to a new place, and then translate that vision into a reality.” --Warren Bennis, leadership expert

First of all, Happy New Year!

Can we use the numerals 2020 without thinking of vision? As we all know, the term "20/20" and similar fractions (such as 20/40, 20/60, etc.) are visual acuity measurements. When I go to our excellent Department of Ophthalmology—they always check my vision using eye charts. Yours, too, I’m sure.

But, the vision Professor Bennis is talking about is different.  He is talking about how we see the future of ourselves or our company. I often say, it is “what we want to be when we grow up.”  It is our ideal destination. In our case, Texas Tech Physicians has had a vision for the past 13 years. Do you know it?  I hope you do—it is to be a top-tier medical practice nationally recognized in quality patient care, satisfaction, and value.

What makes me proud of the vision we developed many years ago (and I say we, many folks had input into it) is that it was developed at about the same time (2007) that the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, or IHI, (a great organization, BTW) came out with its approach, called the “Triple Aim.” This includes improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care.

I’m not sure which entity, Texas Tech Physicians or IHI, came out with it first.  Doesn’t matter.  What is remarkable are the similarities.  This tells me we are on the right track and have been for more than a decade.  Ours has stood the test of time. And, you ask, how are we doing?

•          Patient Experience has been up and down when we compare ourselves to others (the percentile rank)—but, remarkably consistent with a “raw” score in the 90s and a current “net promoter score” or the “would you recommend us” question in the mid-80s (which is a very fine score according to experts).  We have gone from about the 27thpercentile to, for a season (at least) the 91st percentile in the nation.  People are certainly much more aware of the importance of the patient experience.

•          Our quality metrics are numerous and we have met or exceeded them in virtually all cases on DSRIP, NAIP, and HEDIS type indicators as dictated by various insurance plans and governmental programs in which we have and are participating.  Our “One Team” has shown itself extremely effective in meeting these types of goals.

•          Value.  Not so well if looking at the cost side of the equation.  I say we are in schizophrenic times.  We aren’t sure if the goal is to reduce professional charges or to increase them.  More discussion on that later.  I will say that being in the Medicare Shared Savings Program is a step toward saving people money on healthcare.  I remember what a professor of mine in healthcare administration at Trinity University said, “One person’s revenue is another person’s expense.”  Very true.

But, enough of that.  I hope you had a safe, enjoyable, and yes, even restful time this holiday with your friends and family.  Looking forward to 2020!