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Without Missing a Beat

Without Missing a Beat

Texas Tech Physicians salutes the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball team. We are all very proud of what was accomplished this season. I remember how thrilled we were last year to make the Elite Eight for the first time in school history. Then, to come back this year and not only make it to the Final Four, but to the 2019 national title game, well it was just great! 

What lessons can our medical practice learn from the Texas Tech Basketball team?

  • Burn the Boats. Coach Chris Beard adapted this saying from the story of Captain Hernán Cortés who burned all of the ships in his fleet while on a mission and told his men that their only options were to conquer the country they landed in, or perish. In the case of the Texas Tech Men's Basketball team, this saying meant that there was no going back for the team, and everyone had to be fully committed to their mission. For Texas Tech Physicians, the point is to commit to our mission of being a top-tier practice.  
  • Practice, practice, practice. Even while the team was celebrating the history they had made for Texas Tech by making it to the national title game, there were pictures circulating on social media of players on our home court practicing free throws and running plays. All the way up until the final game the players were getting in as much practice as possible. For us, perhaps the lesson is continuous improvement of processes.
  • Be fearless! This men’s basketball team ventured to do something that no team before them has accomplished. In the process, they made school history, and will forever be engrained in the memories of Red Raiders past, present, and future. Undertaking a task never done before is intimidating and takes courage. Our lesson -- we need to innovate. An example for us is we are moving into electronic clinical visits from mobile phones and other devices, a form of telemedicine that is new to us.
  • Be tenacious. The Texas Tech Men’s Basketball team was considered the underdog in most games, but stayed firm in their belief that they had extremely talented players and coaches and possessed all of the ingredients to experience great success. Coach Beard’s 4:1 philosophy that mental toughness to physical toughness is a 4 to 1 ratio has been the team motto for a few years now. The lesson for us is to have the “grit” necessary to see the task through to completion. Desire to succeed can trump natural skills.
  • It’s about the team! Although this team had a handful of stand-out players, they all played with the mindset that they needed each other to be successful (the mindset that any effective team possesses). In every interview this season, the members of the team complimented their teammates and made numerous comments about how their success was gained with the aid of teammates and guidance of coaches. Time Magazine produced a great article about this, where they applauded the team for their dedication to the game and each other. One of our values is “one team” – the lesson here is obvious. 
  • Have fun! In an article produced by ESPN the day after the crushing loss, Jarrett Culver mentioned that Coach Beard preached the importance of enjoying the moments during the tournament and “smelling the roses.” For us, it is important to take a step back and appreciate the satisfaction we derive from serving patients and being with our coworkers. We are part of something important!

Texas Tech Basketball had its challenges this year, just as we do. By practicing the lessons described above, perhaps we can accomplish our vision of being a top-tier practice in the nation.