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Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

Our patients at Texas Tech Physicians are the inspiration that keep us going everyday. We always love to hear when our patients have positive feedback to share about their visit with us. This last month, we received many wonderful comments from patients at Texas Tech Physicians. We want to share just a few to remind us that our efforts are valued and recognized. Thank you for all your hard work! 

  • "The nurse gave me a flu-shot and she told me exactly how it would feel after a few days and that is exactly what the shot did.."
  • "Thanks to Dr Phy, my husband and I have our little miracle boy!! "
  • "Dr. Wilms shows such care & undersatnding of Alzheimer's - both to the patient & the care giver."
  • "Everyone was warm and welcoming.  No stress." 
  • "Wonderful, very helpful, understood everything, all smiles, friendly."