Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
March 2016 Top Agents

March 2016 Top Agents

In March, Texas Tech Physicians of Lubbock answered a total of 59,707 calls. Below is a list of names of those who took the most calls in their clinic, along with how many they took. Together these 15 individuals answered 28.5% of our calls in March. Thank you to our top agents!


Clinic                                                   Agent (Calls Handled)

Center for Cardiovascular Health

Lisa Teutsch (1,668)


Kathryn Spiering (1,157)

Family Medicine

Miranda Melendrez (1,305)

Internal Medicine

Nadia Jimenez (2,308)


Tiffany Williams (683)

OBGYN (Medical Pavilion)

Ladonna Clark (1,124)


Shanna Mccown (390)


Deborah Gillespie (1,299)

Pediatrics (Medical Pavilion)

Gina White (1318)

Pediatrics (Raider Clinic)

Susan Thompson (1,086)

Pediatrics (Triage Nurse Line)

Alexis Potter (245)


Joy Crain (799)

Student Health

Kim Sanders (910)

Surgery (Medical Pavilion)

Danielle Aleman (1,655)


Robyn Stewart (1,087)