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Countdown to ICD-10 Launch

Countdown to ICD-10 Launch

929_icd-10_countdownICD-10 is here this week, even with good plans in place things could get tense. Here are some ideas for your department to help work thru the stress of an ICD-10 transition.

  1. Assign a coder in your clinic to assist providers with ICD-10
  2. Schedule Carefully 
  3. Supply Comfort Food (chocolates, etc.)
  4. Use support services (806.743.4357)        
  5. Express Gratitude
  6. Be current on all orders for patient services
  7. Attend an ICD-10 Fair if additional support is needed
  8. Keep up to date with ICD-10 on putter.squarespace.com
  9. Utilize tools with in the EHR, by creating favorite lists
  10. Ask questions