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The Heart and the Head

The Heart and the Head

Integrating both qualities of expert care

If you know much about the fictional series Star Trek, you know that Mr. Spock, the starship Enterprise's first officer and science officer, had a mixed Vulcan and human heritage. His background and the tension it produced seemed to be a standard element in many of the episodes. His Vulcan side was ruled by science and logic. His human side had an emotional element to it.

Mr. Spock preferred the logical side and tried to suppress his human emotion. Captain Kirk often appealed to Mr. Spock's emotional side. This made matters interesting on whatever topic an individual episode might be exploring. Again, all of this is fictional, but it made for good entertainment that millions have enjoyed.

For some reason, this matter of Mr. Spock came to mind when thinking about our mission:

To improve the health of people we serve with a SPIRIT of compassion and knowledge.

Like Mr. Spock, our mission has its science and logic component (knowledge) and its human and emotional component (compassion). Really, it takes both to deliver the type of care that we expect when we bring a loved one to our practice or come here ourselves for care. Some people call this a holistic approach to care.

Anyway, that is enough for today. My point is most of us have our logical side and our compassionate side. When we even get close to that ideal balance of both and give the patient expert care delivered with concern, we have really done something!  I am not sure Mr. Spock would agree, but the often repeated phrase, "l don't care how much you know until I know how much you care," seems apropos. I think Mr. Spock would say, “Logic and science are superior and must prevail.”  And, Captain Kirk would have to remind him, “Not so fast, my friend.”

Have a great week!