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Patient Satisfaction Summit Successful

Patient Satisfaction Summit Successful

The Texas Tech Physicians’ Patient Satisfaction Summit was held last week to present best practices and innovation in patient satisfaction to be implemented throughout clinical departments. Presenters included representatives from Press Ganey and OU Physicians and Texas Tech Physicians administration.

The summit was open to employees, practice management and medical staff and, in a show of Texas Tech Physicians’ commitment to patient satisfaction, was very well attended. Dennis Lamb, Director of Patient Services, said, ““The attendance to the summit was outstanding.  Not very often has ACB 100 had to have chairs brought in to accommodate the number of attendees.  I appreciate the support each department showed.  All clinics had very good attendance and some central support departments were represented as well.  I think one of the clear messages of the day was that we are all in this together and we each have a part in making the patient experience the absolute best it can be.”

Presentations covered an array of topics, from time management to patient communication. Holly Adams, Executive Director of Operations at OU Physicians and a contract speaker for Studor Group, spoke about the very successful journey of OU Physicians to increase patient satisfaction. She spoke about OU Physicians’ motivating factors to increase patient satisfaction and dedicated an informative segment of the presentation to practical ways of implementing patient satisfaction initiatives.

When asked about how Texas Tech Physicians plans to move forward after the summit, Lamb said, “We are now better equipped to continue our improvement in patient satisfaction.  OU Physicians is an academic medical practice very similar to TTP, and we can definitely learn from them.  We are doing or have done many of the initiatives currently in operation at OU, but we need to be more focused and diligent to hardwire the things we know make a difference.  Being the best in patient satisfaction is not easy, but it is worth working for.  It is our vision – becoming a top tier medical practice nationally recognized in quality, satisfaction, and value.” In an immediate response to the summit, Brent Magers, Executive Associate Dean of the School of Medicine and CEO of Texas Tech Physicians requested the daily patient satisfaction report include TTP’s ranking in its cohort group, which will provide a comparison for how TTPs’ patient satisfaction compares among academic medical practices.

The summit concluded with a panel of administrators from TTP top departmental performers in terms of patient satisfaction. Department administrators Matt Driskill of the Departments of Surgery and Ophthalmology, Kathleen McPherson of the Department of Dermatology, Juanita Minnick of the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Sandra Owen of the Department of Neurology participated.

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