Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Walk the walk, win a t-shirt!

Walk the walk, win a t-shirt!

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Garrison Institute on Aging and WOW! have collaborated for the placement of permanent plaques on the TTUHSC walking trails to promote their use, and we want to reward those who use them!

If you use the walking trail between now and Monday, October 6th, and take a picture of the starting and ending plaques, send them to newswire@ttuhsc.edu to win a free TTUHSC t-shirt! You can also post the pictures and tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Also, because October 6th is National Children’s Health Day, if you submit a picture of you and your child(ren) on the trail, your picture could end up on the TTUHSC Facebook page!

The plaques are part of an effort to increase opportunities for physical activity in communities and workplaces, part of a strategic direction within the Transforming Texas Grant, which provided funding for the plaques. Other projects funded by the grant include the installation of signs for the Canyon Lakes Bike Trail and bicycle repair stations or “Fixit” stations located along the path and throughout the Texas Tech University campus.

The 2 walking trails, short (.66 miles) a long (1.66 miles) have been in place since Oct. 27 of last year. Please see the images below for a map of the trail and a photo of the plaque.