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Triple Crown celebration, photo gallery

Triple Crown celebration, photo gallery

The Texas Tech Physicians (TTP) Triple Crown concluded last month and the winner’s ceremony was held earlier today. Victors from each race, from the derby hat contest, and from the overall Derby were recognized for their commitment to quality patient care. The ceremony, held in the Pavilion Courtyard, included lunch from McAlister's and Red Mango ice cream for dessert.

The Triple Crown winner for overall performance in patient satisfaction was Ob/Gyn! They were awarded the traveling crystal trophy after finishing 1st in the CG Preakness, 2nd in the MP Belmont, and 6th in the CG Preakness.

Top performers for each race were:
• CCH and Dermatology for the CG Derby – which focused on communicating with patients (July 1 – July 31).
• Ob/Gyn for the CG Preakness – which focused on the CG-CAHPS domain of Access to Care (July 1 – Aug. 1).
• Neurology for the MP Belmont – which focused on the medical practice survey overall percentile rank compared to academic medical practices (July 1 – Sept. 30).

The event, sponsored by the patient satisfaction COPIC, was designed to stimulate excitement and enthusiasm in organizational patient satisfaction efforts, encourage teamwork and determining best practices that will optimize the patient experience in all TTP clinics.

“It's all about improving the practice,” TTP CEO Brent Magers said “and making our jobs more meaningful. It is critical to make sure the patient has the best possible experience.”

The Derby Hat Contest also took place and featured celebrity judges Christy Hartin and Cary Allen of the KCBD news team who judged the hats on creativity, construction, and presentation. Twelve departments submitted hats for the contest, including Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Neurology, Pathology, Surgery, PT services, and Orthopaedics.

• Derby hat contest winner: Ob/Gyn

Congratulations to Ob/Gyn for their second big win of the day. They will receive a pizza party for their efforts.

A big thank you to Dennis Lamb and Natalie Bryant for their efforts in coordinating this initiative. A special thanks to everyone who participated and made this a success! Ultimately, this will help TTP achieve its mission of improving the health of all we serve with a SPIRIT of compassion and knowledge and its vision of being a top-tier medical practice nationally recognized in quality patient care, satisfaction and value.

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