Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Deck the Halls Rules and Regulations

Deck the Halls Rules and Regulations

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Deck the Halls Contest- Rules and Regulations
Please read the following rules and instructions regarding the Contest. If you have any questions, please contact staff.senate@ttuhsc.edu.
  1. Participation is open to all TTUHSC departments.
  2. Entry Applications must be submitted with approval from departmental supervisor no later than Monday, December 15th at 4 p.m.. Please email applications to staff.senate@ttuhsc.edu. Entry Applications must include name of Department, names of all involved in door or cubicle decorating, approving Departmental supervisor.
  3. Departmental Supervisors agree to be responsible for the designated area to be decorated. Any damage that may result from participation in the Contest is the responsibility of the department.
  4. Please specify the designated area to be decorated on your Entry Application. Designated areas should be limited to a door or a cubicle.
  5. All decorations should reflect the theme of “Happy Holidays”.
  6. All entries are to be photographed and emailed to staff.senate@ttuhsc.eduno later than 4 pm on December 15th . Please send along names of all who worked on the door/cubicle, department, and departmental supervisor approving entry.
  7. Judging will be on visual impact, craftsmanship, completeness, originality, theme, and best over-all based on the photographs that are entered.
  8. Compliance with TTUHSC OP 61.08 must be strictly followed including, but not limited to, the following guidelines:
    1. All corridors will remain free of anything that would impede egress during an emergency evacuation.
    2. No artificial trees will be allowed in corridors.
    3. Only battery powered lights may be used on doors (no 120 volt ac lights allowed).
    4. Do not leave decorative lights burning when no one is in the area.
    5. Do not place anything on or within a 3 foot raius of any smoke detector, sprinkler head or emergency light.
    6. No fresh trees or wreaths are permitted.
    7. Limited amount of combustibles may be used on doors (TTUHSC Fire Marshal will have discretion).
    8. Please use removable adhesives.
  9. All decorations will be taken down by participants by January 3, 2015. Environmental Services is not responsible for clean- up.
  10. Winners’ names/department will be posted on the TTUHSC Announcement page. In addition, Winners will receive a certificate (and bragging rights).
  11. Be creative, be festive, have fun!