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The SPIRIT Awards: Excellence

The SPIRIT Awards: Excellence

the-spirit-awards-excellence-2- image0Julie Bowers Lawson, patient services, received the 2014 SPIRIT of Excellence Award.

Lawson constantly strives to exceed the needs and expectations of patients and peers.

“She answered all of Tom’s questions, and then asked if he needed help in completing his medical history forms for the appointment. Well, of course, Tom needed help. Julie patiently asked the questions from the form and did a lot of interpreting. One hour later the form was complete and in Tom’s hand, along with the details of the appointment time and place.

“Oma explained with tears in her eyes that she had an appointment that was necessary to get her medication refilled, but she did not have the money to pay for the visit.  She was embarrassed and didn’t want to wait in line only to be told she could not be seen if she couldn’t pay. Oma explained that she had faithfully been paying on her bill from another one of our clinics and was hoping Family Medicine could tell by looking at her account that she was a responsible patient. Julie reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a crisp $20 bill, handed it to Oma and told her that the money would get her into the doctor. Julie told her if the money wasn’t enough to come back and she would assist her further. Oma offered to pay Julie back and Julie refused saying, “It is my pleasure to help you.”