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2014 Meat and Greet, SPIRIT Award Winners

2014 Meat and Greet, SPIRIT Award Winners

TTP team members recently gathered for the Second Annual Meat and Greet barbecue lunch and SPIRIT Awards, where recipients were recognized for exemplifying our SPIRIT values.

SPIRIT Award recipients were nominated by their co-workers. The People COPIC made the final decision to determine the winner of each award.

The 2014 SPIRIT Award categories and winners are:

Service Excellence: Nora Condray — Pediatrics

Patient First: Michelle Brooks — OB-GYN

Integrity: Patricia Salazar —  ­Pediatrics

Respect: Dr. Franklyn Babb — Family Medicine

Innovation: Tim Fox — Student Health

Teamwork: Sarah Watters — Student Health

In the coming weeks, winners from each category will be featured in a six-part series featuring excerpts from their nominations and the award presentation.

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