Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Sixth Annual Update in General Internal Medicine

Sixth Annual Update in General Internal Medicine

TTUHSC will host the 6th Annual Update in General Internal Medicine March 28-29 at the Academic Classroom Building.

The goal of the conference is to provide health care professionals involved in primary care with knowledge in current, contemporary and common issues relevant to internal medicine and general practice. The conference is sponsored by the TTUHSC Department of Internal Medicine and the Office of Continuing Medical Education.

Presentations and speakers include:

• “Disclosing Medical Errors,” Cynthia Jumper, M.D.
• “Update on Lipid Guidelines and Evolving Therapies,” Scott Shurmur, M.D.
• “We Found a Lung Nodule-Now What?,” Raed Alalawi, M.D.
• “E-cigarettes: Harmful or Helpful? What the Primary Care Provider Should Know,” Zachary Mulkey, M.D.
• “A General Practitioner’s Guide to Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation,” Niska A. Blevins, D.O.
• “JNC 8 for Primary Care,” Rebecca McDonald, M.D.
• “ACA: What Went Wrong: Where Things Stand Today; What Happens Next?,” Gilbert Berdine, M.D.
• “Controversies with Bisphosphonate Therapy,” Dolores Buscemi, M.D.
• “When to See an Allergist,” James Tarbox, M.D.
• “A Diagnostic Approach to Managing GERD,” Neha Mittal, M.D.
• “Were You a Flintstone Kid? Daily Multivitamin Use in Adults,” Shannon Yarbrough, M.D.

For more information, call Myra Jones at (806) 743-2929 or visit www.ttuhsc.edu/cme.