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The Triple Aim framework and our Key Performance Indicators

The Triple Aim framework and our Key Performance Indicators

the-triple-aim-framework-and-our-key-performance-indicators- image0Hardly a week goes by that some agency is not asking about patient satisfaction. Or publishing data about us. Yes, we live in an age of transparency. All of this data has generated quite a bit of “buzz” among the health care community. Much of it is driven by the so-called “Triple Aim” a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement that describes an approach to optimizing health care performance.

Basically, the Triple Aim overlays our key performance indicators (KPIs) very nicely. The Triple Aim goals are:
• improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
• improving the health of populations
• reducing the per capita cost of health care

And, of course, our KPIs consist of patient satisfaction, financial performance, people development, quality improvement and business development. I think Texas Tech Physicians has a jump on some other providers in that we have been focusing on, and improving in, all of these five areas for several years. Please take time to acquaint yourself with your department’s role in improving in these five areas. The practice needs your active engagement and we appreciate it when we see our many employees working hard each day to make this a top tier practice in the nation. Keep up the good work.