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Turning the patient experience into a guest experience

Turning the patient experience into a guest experience

turning-the-patient-experience-into-a-guest-experience- image0Most of our patients have a choice where to receive their health care. Consumerism is alive and well in our profession. This is a good thing – one of America's great strengths is competition in most lines of business – with many providers of service competing for our trade. It is part of what makes America exceptional.

This past week I checked into a hotel and was impressed with the level of service I received. Major hotel chains are very competitive. The first thing that impressed me was the eye contact from the desk clerk. Eye contact is important as we deal with our patients.

Behavioral studies show that when we make eye contact, or take an extra minute to sit down or meet someone at his or her level (allowing good eye contact), it tells the person that he or she is the focus of our attention.

We welcome new guests to our homes by opening the door, greeting them with a smile, introducing them to the family, maybe giving them a tour, and then offering refreshments.

Let's turn our patient experience into a guest experience.