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CEO Minute: Optimizing Our Success in the New Year

CEO Minute: Optimizing Our Success in the New Year

ceo-minute-optimizing-our-success-in-the-new-year- image0As we begin 2013, it is good to look ahead.  We have some exciting things that will occur this year — the opening of the new Texas Tech Physicians Heart Care Center (in the former International Pain Center), the start of several of our Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment initiatives (DSRIP), new faculty, new residency programs, advances in our EHR and patient portal, a new website look, new employee training opportunities, and the publishing of our new three-year strategic plan.  And, we will take time to have some fun along the way like cookouts and special recognition ceremonies.

Some things that we need to do to optimize our success:
  • Build a stronger Texas Tech Physicians brand. It is essential that more people know about and utilize Texas Tech Physicians for their health care. We have a favorable payor mix and our reputation continues to grow as patient satisfaction improves. We need to build on this and we do so by expanding our influence throughout West Texas.
  • Engage the hundreds of employees and volunteers who work tirelessly to advance Texas Tech Physicians in a meaningful and productive way, respecting and applauding efforts to be part of a nationally recognized top-tier medical practice. Always practicing our SPIRIT values and respecting and recognizing each other.
  • Work collectively to secure financial resources through effective revenue cycle management and accounts receivable management. Collecting payments at the time service is provided saves so much time, trouble and expense later. And, since time is money, it helps cash flow.  It is the idea of the time value of money or expressed differently — today’s dollar is worth more than a future dollar collected six months from now. Accurate capture of demographic data pays huge dividends when it comes to billing. And, timely posting of charges is yet another important factor.
  • Be tireless patient advocates, if we point to one single reason why we are doing better it would be patient satisfaction.  Now, of course, we use a balanced scorecard approach and watch and strive to improve all five key performance indicators, but satisfying the customer drives financial success as much as anything. Employee satisfaction as well.  Everyone wants to be a part of an enterprise that is working and meeting its goals.
  • Develop and maintain a world-class Web presence. Like it or not, the world is conducting its business via the Web. Texas Tech Physicians needs to look sharp in all of our websites and we need to have a robust patient portal. It will not be long until people will be requesting appointments and prescription refills online, just to name two functions.
  • Focus like a laser on quality improvement. Our quality is good, that is not the point.   But, in this brave new world it is not enough to be good, an entity must prove it offers superior care statistically and in every other way — including that all powerful word of mouth.

Above all else, we must achieve measurable results, produced through our actions, deeds and work, so that ultimately, we will achieve our vision of being a top-tier practice in the nation.