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Three Easy Steps to Increase MyTeamCare Sign-Ups

Three Easy Steps to Increase MyTeamCare Sign-Ups

three-easy-steps-to-increase-myteamcare-sign-ups- image0MyTeamCare, the TTP patient portal, is an important tool for increasing our patient satisfaction, providing innovative health care and retaining patients. But to be effective, patients must first sign up, and that doesn’t happen without effort from PSS staff, nurses and physicians.

YOU are the key to getting patients to sign up.
  1. Ask each and every patient if they would like to sign up for MyTeamCare. “Would you like to sign up for MyTeamCare, an online patient site that lets you view your medical records, request an appointment, ask for a prescription refill, check test results and communicate with your doctor?”
  2.  If a patient calls with a request that can also be handled online, like a prescription refill request, remind them at the end of the conversation of services that are available online. “Did you know patients now have the ability to request prescription refills online? Ask to sign up for MyTeamCare when you come in for your next appointment.”
  3. Wear your “Ask me about MyTeamCare” button. If a patient sees everyone wearing a button, they’ll know it is important to us and might spark a conversation.

Familiarize yourself with the portal and the sign-up process so that you can be ready to help any patient who is interested. Contact EHR for any questions about the sign-up process.