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SPIRIT Spotlight: Lena Honesto, Senior Patient Services Specialist – Dermatology

SPIRIT Spotlight: Lena Honesto, Senior Patient Services Specialist – Dermatology

spirit-spotlight-lena-honesto-senior-patient-services-specialist-dermatology- image0Lena Honesto joined the Department of Dermatology in October 2011 in our front desk checkout position. With 10 years of experience within a medical practice prior to joining our team, Honesto brought a different perspective and assisted us with making some positive changes within our front area.

Honesto has a smile that will win over anyone, a positive and caring attitude toward patients, her team and her work. She flashes her smile at our patients while telling them how much their patient responsibility is for their visit, and asks them how they would like to pay. She makes people feel special, whether she is talking with them on the phone or in person. Honesto is well respected by peers, faculty, residents and staff for her knowledge, positive attitude and overall work performance. These attributes along with her excellent work performance earned her the title of Employee of the Year, awarded at the Derm Oscar Award.

Honesto was selected by the People COPIC to star in the School of Medicine training video titled “Checking Out.” The video will assist Patient Services specialists with the proper procedures for checking out patients after their clinic services. She is a member of the Interior Design Committee for Dermatology but is willing to assist on the other committees as needed. Last year, Honesto found hidden talents when she was asked to assist with decorating. She found creativity was hidden deep down within and was just waiting to burst. She did an excellent job creating a Christmas theme board in the department.

Honesto is definitely a team player and a shining star on the Dermatology team.