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SPIRIT Spotlight: Joe Guerra, Patient Services Supervisor

SPIRIT Spotlight: Joe Guerra, Patient Services Supervisor

spirit-spotlight-joe-guerra-patient-services-supervisor- image0Joe Guerra, patient services supervisor for the Department of Surgery, takes great efforts to provide exemplary patient service.

“Joe always goes above and beyond when helping patients. He will make phone calls on their behalf, track down lab reports, help arrange appointments in other departments — anything to help,” said Lane Beasley, senior clinical department administrator. “He has the kindest, most compassionate disposition and can handle patients so well. Patient Services has let me know in the past how awesome Joe is in dealing with patients and helping to resolve issues. I hear compliments from referring physician offices as well as patients on a regular basis. I’m proud that he’s a part of the surgery department.”

Guerra recently went above and beyond to ensure a patient could receive the first available appointment with Jason Felton, M.D.

Neurosurgery consults are required to have a CT scan or MRI before they are seen in the clinic.  Guerra learned that a CT scan had been done previously at Covenant Health System.

Because the patient was from out of town and required assistance in coming to Lubbock for an appointment, Guerra offered to pick up a disc from Covenant so the patient did not have to.  He was able to get a release from the patient and drove to Covenant during his lunch break to pick up the disc.

Thanks to Guerra’s patient-first attitude, the patient was seen quickly without the trouble of picking up the disc or the worry of it arriving on time.

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