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Patient Satisfaction Report for 4/15/2013

Patient Satisfaction Report for 4/15/2013

patient-satisfaction-report-for-4152013- image0Patient Comment Triage: Featuring three levels of actual comments from patients.Negative

“I am on Medicaid because I resigned from my job just a couple of months before we found out I was pregnant.  I am grateful for Medicaid, but it is not something I boast about.  I was very disturbed by the lady who checked me in as she mentioned ‘Medicaid,’ very loudly.  It was very embarrassing. She could have been more sensitive about my personal information/situation."


“Can't remember the doctor’s name, but would like to see him regularly.”


“Dr. Wilms diagnosed my rare condition and took the time to explain in detail what I have.  I looked up the support group on the Internet and it was just as he said.”