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OphthOlympics Come to a Close

OphthOlympics Come to a Close

TTP-Ophthalmology wrapped up its first OphthOlympics event at the department picnic Aug. 24. The event, which began July 27, consisted of four rounds of competition between five teams through email questions aimed at helping staff improve their understanding of TTP’s mission, vision, key performance indicators and SPIRIT values. Additional rounds of competition at the picnic included a water balloon fight, three-legged races and a bake-off. The green team won the competition.

  • Bake off Judges Picnic 12
  • Green Team OphthOlympics 12
  • Greg Green Team Captain Olympics 12
  • Laura Greg OphthOlmypics Game 12
  • Marie and Echo Picnic 12
  • Paiges son 3-legged-race medal winner Picnic 12
  • Water Ballon Fight OphthOlympics 12