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Patient Satisfaction Tip: A Simple Question To Satisfy Patients

Patient Satisfaction Tip: A Simple Question To Satisfy Patients

By Tim Fox, director of patient services

The goal of this monthly column is to provide simple tips that will help improve overall patient satisfaction. This month’s tip deals directly with completely satisfying patients in every patient encounter. How can we do this? By speaking these simple words when you are ending a conversation with a patient:

“Have I helped you with everything you need today?”
  • If the patient says, “Yes,” then we have proactively made sure they are satisfied with their visit. We are giving them the opportunity to tell us if they need anything else.
  • If the patient says, “No,” then it is imperative that you listen and help them further. This may require listening to a billing issue or maybe the patient simply needs directions to the lab. Asking this question and taking further action to address a patient’s concerns shows that we care and want to satisfy them completely.

Finally, the above exchange may be simple, but it works. It applies in all situations and patient encounters — not just patient encounters with the provider. This exchange is an example of a win-win situation. What do I mean? The patient wins because they are completely satisfied. The clinic wins because we have completely satisfied the patient. And, you win, and you feel good, because you have helped a patient and they are completely satisfied.