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Joint Commission Tips: Effectiveness of Communication

Joint Commission Tips: Effectiveness of Communication

Effective communication, which is timely, accurate, complete and understood, reduces error and improves patient safety.

Communication breakdowns are cited as the most common causes of bad outcomes.

For verbal or telephone orders or reporting of critical results, verify the complete order or test result by having the person receiving the information write down and read back the order or test result.

Internal and external noise constantly draws your attention away from what is being communicated.

Internal noises: Attitudes and feelings about the person speaking to you. Daydreams. Worries of spouse, kids, bills.

External noises: Sights, sounds and other stimuli that draw your attention away from the communication.

Take the time to write down verbal or telephone orders, and critical test results, then confirm what you have heard by reading it back.

It is all about our patient’s safety!