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Innovation: Good or Bad?

Innovation: Good or Bad?

Innovation: Good or Bad?- image0Angelica Estrada, Information Application Services, submitted the winning article about innovation in our ongoing series of articles about our SPIRIT values.

When I decided to write about innovation, I couldn’t help but wonder if it is good or bad. I had to consider the different roles in my life to determine the answer.

When examining innovation from the point of TTUHSC employee, innovation is amazing. We are able to readily access programs or documents needed to complete our daily tasks. We are able to help patients and co-workers more efficiently.

When examining innovation from the perspective of a patient, innovation has perks, but often lacks in personal attention. As a patient, we want to know we matter. When a patient calls to make an appointment, and is put on hold for other calls to be answered, the innovation of multiple phone lines is a bonus for the clinic but does not give the patient the personal touch they desire.

We must remember that although it is easy to be connected to anyone, anywhere on the planet, it is not always in everyone’s best interest. Be courteous and conscientious of people and make them feel like they matter.

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