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Changes in PubMed LinkOut

Changes in PubMed LinkOut

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has announced an upcoming change in the behavior of library icons displayed in PubMed search results beginning September 2019:

  • Previous behavior - the TTUHSC Online and/or TTUHSC InPrint icons are displayed only on records where TTUHSC has full-text access. The absence of these icons denotes that we do not have full-text access (screen shot 1 below).
  • New behaviorthe old TTUHSC Online and/or TTUHSC InPrint icons will be replaced with a single, new Check TTUHSC icon. This new icon will be inserted into every PubMed record, irrespective of whether TTUHSC has full-text access or not (screen shot 2 below). Clicking the icon will query LibKey Link and/or GoldRush to determine if we have full-text access. If we do not have full-text access, you can autofill our Interlibrary Loan form.

This change means that users will no longer immediately know if TTUHSC has full-text access, but will need to click the "Check TTUHSC" icon to discover if we have full-text access.




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PubMed LinkOut current behavior



PubMed LinkOut new behavior