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More about scholarships...

More about scholarships...

On average during the last three years, more than 300 scholarships worth over $1.1 million have been awarded annually to TTUHSC School of Medicine students.


Only a few of these available scholarships are based on classification.  The rest are available for students in all classifications.

77% of students at the TTUHSC SOM are awarded scholarships!

One scholarship application = Eligibility for all Scholarships

Scientific1One standard SOM Scholarship Application is available on the Admissions website. Completing this application is all it takes to be eligible for ALL scholarships!

Some scholarships are based on need. For example, the Donald H. Bradley and Robert R. McDaniel Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

Some are based on merit, such as:Dr-Dog

The Seliger Scholarship is awarded to the student with the highest grade in anatomy.

The CH Foundation and SOM Alumni scholarships are awarded to students with the highest MCAT score.

Many others are awarded based on academic excellence, and some are renewable for all four years!tumblr_inline_nlf9fd7YL21t73qdh

You can check the TTUHSC scholarship page for other scholarships that may be available to you. These require a separate application process, and this page contains instructions on how to apply.

Don’t forget to turn in your SOM Scholarship Application by April 30th!

April30-1 You can find the scholarship application at:

Remember to fill out the FAFSA before you submit your scholarship application!