Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Do you know where to find study space?

Do you know where to find study space?

sleepingstudyStudent study space is available on all three campuses.  To see where space is available, how you can access it, the available hours, whether reservations are needed, etc., go to:


There are a number of study spaces available to students including areas in the Preston Smith Library (PSL), the Academic Classroom Building, and the main TTUHSC building.  Over 61,296 square feet of space is available (both direct and ancillary space) not including the Synergistic Center, which adds another 3,339 square feet.

Effective Sunday, January 11, 2015, the PSL library is extending hours of operation on Sunday mornings, opening at 9:00 am. We listened to you... this extension of operations comes from the specific request of SOM students, so please take advantage of these new hours! (*Note: The PSL monitors student use of the facility.  In a recent analysis over the past two years, between the hours of 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm, an average of 11 students were in the library.  From 11:00 pm to midnight, the average use dropped to 5 students.)

The main HSC building has classrooms available for students as well as the Laura W. Bush Women’s Health & Research Institute library at the Coulter Street location.  Over 21,000 square feet of space is available.  Several rooms require reservations.

Permian Basin
The library at the main HSC building in Odessa has over 9,142 square feet of space available for students.  No reservations are needed to use the HSC study space.  In addition, students renting apartments/dorm rooms on the UT Permian Basin campus have access to their library and study spaces.

While there is ample square footage available, we believe issues are more often with hours of availability and usable study space, such as private rooms, cubicles, etc.  We will continue to address these matters in the future and want do what is possible to increase study space, access, and convenience for all our students. Additionally, we will be reevaluating the utilization of library space.

We really want to find better solutions to help students study, so please let us know what is working and what is not!