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Hospitalization Coverage for Students

Hospitalization Coverage for Students

Basic Health Care

Basic health care services are provided for all TTUHSC students through the Medical Service Fee. This is discussed in the D2U@SOM post, Are You Getting Sick? 

Hospitalization Coverage

Medical students have expressed interest regarding health insurance, specifically related to the premium costs, deductibles, etc.  We have heard what you said and provide the following information:

In accordance with TTUHSC policy students must also maintain hospitalization coverage for each semester enrolled. In addition, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurance with “essential health benefits” for all Americans. Beyond these requirements, health insurance affords important personal financial protection. Unpaid medical bills are a major source of personal bankruptcies for nearly two million Americans annually. A sudden accident or frightening diagnosis can impact anyone’s future plans. TTUHSC Student Services is able to assist with questions, and there are a few options available to you that are described at www.ttuhsc.edu/studentservices/studenthealth.aspx.


  1. Possibly the best option, if it is available to you, is to remain on your parents’ insurance until reaching your 26th birthday.
  2. The next option is purchasing insurance through TTUHSC by visiting https://ttuhsc.myahpcare.com/ or calling 855-357-0241. This policy, AcademicBlue, is offered through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. AcademicBlue gives students access to a broad network of providers, including Texas Tech Physicians, major hospitals in the area, and coverage while you are home or traveling. For the plan period January 1 through July 31, 2015, cost of coverage for an individual is $1,231. Coverage for spouse and children is available by paying more in premiums.
  3. Coverage is also available to students through the ACA’s “Marketplace” or “Exchange” (these terms are synonymous). Information about available plans and eligibility for subsidized premiums based on income is available at https://www.healthcare.gov/young-adults/college-students/. Many of these plans may have high deductibles and limited networks, so you should investigate them fully.

Health care insurance is expensive for nearly everyone and while premiums for the BCBS product may appear high, the costs are comparably in line with most health plans available on the market.  Premiums and deductibles are routinely adjusted by an actuary based on past and predicted future claims by the population covered under the plan.  Consequently, these costs will fluctuate annually, typically upward.


Individual issues that arise with student health care must be addressed on a case-by-case basis; however, if you have general concerns about coverage or matters that impact all students, we need to hear about it. Post a comment, or send me an email at steven.berk@ttuhsc.edu.