Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Strengths of the SOM

Strengths of the SOM

TTUHSC SOM is undertaking a continuous improvement process as we prepare for a 2016-2017 LCME site survey. Some of our prominent strengths and metrics that are keeping us very highly rated by the LCME are:
  • According to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), TTUHSC SOM continues to be at the top of the nation in the percentage of our students practicing primary care, working in rural areas, and providing care in underserved areas.
  • We continue to be one of the more competitive medical schools in Texas with respect to entering students’ GPA, MCAT scores, and other achievements.
  • TTUHSC SOM has one of the lowest annual tuitions in the country, and our students have among the lowest mean debt upon graduation.
  • Our students have rated their overall medical school experience on the AAMC graduation questionnaire at or above the national average for the past six years (based on data from all campuses.) The quality of faculty who are teaching third year clerkships are rated above the national average in each of the six clerkships, and the basic science years have been rated above the national average in all aspects of the graduation survey, including integration of basic science and preparation for clinical years.
  • The school has received national recognition for its educational innovations including the FMAT Program, integrative ultrasound, and sex and gender studies.
  • Our student pass rate on USMLE 1 has been above the national average for the past six years and will be at 99% this year.
  • Faculty Forward, the AAMC survey of faculty satisfaction, indicates our faculty are above the national average on every measure of the survey with an overall satisfaction of 82%, and dissatisfaction of only 4%.
  • Texas Tech Physicians has grown dramatically increasing revenues, clinic visits, number of practicing physicians, annual profits, and providing more diverse opportunities for clinical rotations.

Truly, the strength of our school lies with our students.  As we begin the work to prepare for another successful LCME site visit, we need your help. Post a comment, or send me an email at steven.berk@ttuhsc.edu. Steven L. Berk, M.D. Dean